:: About Lit Photography::

Sydney Photographer, Si started his photographic journey back in the 80s in London. A keen pre-teen with an eye had him working with Photographers in south London on weekends and after school. A job with Nikon's UK head office solidified a technical knowledge and an ongoing relationship with 35mm Professional Cameras.

After some time away from the camera, Si traveled, looking for a new view through the finder, and rekindled the old passion, shooting every day in all sorts of locations around the world.

"It's people that make me tick though, I love to learn about other people's passions, and understand what it is about people that makes us so interesting, to be happy, to be sad, to be joyous, it is all human.

To capture all of this on camera, and to be able to share it, that makes me happy. I hope to create some emotional stimulation through my photography, and I kind of hope that they are good emotions.... "