The Product Photography Process

Before you send any products to us, let's get organised, and group things up. The process can be far quicker if you have a number of similar products, that will be organised in the same style.

This means we can save time on:
  • lighting set up
  • composition
  • post production
Each individual photograph will be worked on it's own individual merits, but if we can speed up our process, then we can make things cheaper for you.

Step 1 - The product Selection

Too often the product that arrives at our studio is poor in quality and with visible flaws. Our high resolution cameras will pick up flaws in your product that you may not see with the naked eye. Don't worry, we can remove them with some post production techniques, thanks to PhotoShop, but it's far better if we don't need to do so much. Make sure what you send is the best of your products, 
  • Check what you are sending is the best of the batch, maybe even send a few
  • for example, with bottles - check the body label and neck labels are well aligned

Step 2 - The composition

If you already have products online, and you want the new products to match, send us a link to your site, or even a low res jpg. We may have a different idea on composition, however we want your products to work well with your existing site. Let us know what we are matching up with

Step 3 - The lighting

The lighting is up to us, but if you want something special, let us know. Some times it's more complicated than other times, for example a multifaceted gemstone with highly reflective. Some customers like their shiny metals to have stark black reflective lines to show the shape, others like to see only white reflections, we like gradients.

Step 4 - We Shoot and show, then shoot

We'll shoot a couple, and let you see them, so you can check for composition and quality. If you like what you see, we repeat, otherwise we tweak. 

Step 5 - Post Production

More often than not on websites, people are looking for a white background and their subject standing out in-front. Sometimes, to shoot like that is not possible, so we'll use a bit of post production to clip out the path, and remove the background. You can even have the photograph on a transparent background if you ask nicely. 

Files provided online for easy download

Once we've prepared all the photographs, and got all the post production done and to our liking, (and of course yours), we'll zip up the files and make them available to download at your own leisure. EASY. 

Call now, or enquire online about getting your product photographed professionally.